Redshaw Native Bees is a boutique business focused on the conservation of Australia's beautiful native bees. To achieve this we look for fun and alternative ways to get us talking about native bees both in and out of the classroom. We are committed to supporting native beekeepers with products, equipment and experienced advice and services. We strive to offer the highest quality products and we are always in search of new and innovative technology that can support our customers as the native bee industry grows.

Redshaw Native Bees is a family-run business managed and directed by Samantha Redshaw and Jonathon Redshaw. We are kept on our toes with our two young daughters, Florence and Maeve.
Samantha completed her Degree in Environmental Management (Natural Systems and Wildlife) with the University of Queensland and then later went on to complete a Master of Agricultural Science (Plant Protection) where she focused her efforts on tracking Australian Stingless Bees within orchards. During and post Samantha’s formal studies, she’s worked alongside Heavy Industry, Primary Producers, Local Government, Not-for-profit groups, Schools, Community Groups and anyone else with an interest in caring for the natural environment.

Jonathon Redshaw is an industrial Electrician by trade and enjoys creating and trialing new and innovative products and equipment specific to native bee keeping. Jon is an experienced beekeeper and is always looking for effective ways to continually improve our native bee keeping methods. Jon’s practical hand helps to guide and develop Redshaw Native Bee’s bee keeping practices and provide solutions to the many complex problems faced by native bee keepers.

Redshaw Native Bees is lucky enough to have very talented family members that provide ongoing support.

Michael Redshaw is the fabricator behind the high quality honey and observation boxes also known as OATH's. Often found tinkering in his workshop, Michael has spent his life working with machines, designing and creating with timber and metal and has a love for gardening and native plants.

Penny McDonald is focused on product development and providing ongoing business support to Redshaw Native Bees. Penny keeps T. carbonaria amongst her mini orchard on her balcony in Wollongong.

Toni-ann Clarke is a textile designer with over 30 years' experience. Toni has always loved creating with textiles, even from a young age she has had an eye for design, colour and texture.