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Custom Engraved American Style Hive Tool


Custom engraved hive tools 

The American hive tool is an essential tool in maintaining and inspecting native bee hives. This tool allows the beekeeper to separate sections of the hive without causing damage to the box. The hive tool is easy to use and can also assist with the removal of propolis from between joining edges. Made of tough, rust resistant steel it is a reliable and an easy to use tool for beekeepers.

 Material: Stainless steel  

How to order a custom tool.

Select your desired font and quantity and then select 'add to cart'.

Font styles available: Arial, Gabriola, Ink Free, Italic, Simplex, Segoe.

Your cart will then appear in a pop-out box on the right of your screen. Alternatively you can always access your cart by clicking the 'cart' bottom on the top right of your screen. 

In the 'Add Note' field, enter engraving request.

PLEASE REMEMBER - There is a maximum of 20 characters, including spaces. 

Then proceed to checkout or continue shopping. 

We will contact you with an proof confirmation before marking the tool. Please check the proof confirmation carefully as we are selecting the text as you have written it. If there is a mistake and you approve the proof we will not replace the tool.  

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