Redshaw Native Bees

Empty/Unstocked Hives


Our hives are constructed with 30mm pine timber and coated in UV protected paint. Our unstocked hives come in two styles: honey hive and observation hive. 

Honey Hive: A honey hive is comprised of three sections. The bottom two houses the brood along with pollen and honey stores necessary for supporting the colony. The top third is the honey super and is separated from the brood compartment with a clear brood excluder. Honey supers are used to give your stingless bees extra storage space for their honey pots and also gives the keeper the option to extract honey without disturbing the colony.  

Observation Hive: The observation hive is comprised of two compartments that house the colony. The top compartment is capped with a clear viewing panel and is covered with a lid to make viewing easy and accessible. This hive is best purchased if you want to keep your stingless bees as pets or use them as an education tool for kids. 

We offer discounts for bulk orders, contact us -

If you are new to Stingless beekeeping and want to get your own colony cheaply, do not buy an unstocked hive. You need to buy a stocked hive or log colony to get started - See 'Stocked Hives' for recommended suppliers. If you're looking into budding from a natural colony existing on your land and this is your first time budding, we recommend purchasing The Australian Native Bee Book and sending us an email before purchasing a box -

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