Redshaw Native Bees

Tool Wrap


This universal tool wrap is a versatile item perfect for protecting your hive tools whilst on the go. Made of a durable canvas, the wrap allows you to store all your tools in a neat and tidy fashion whilst also protecting them from damage. Decorated with a unique native bee print, the interior is lined with six pockets that are ideal for storing items such as a hive tools, knives and brushes. The seventh pocket is widened to fit propolis and a notepad and pen . The top flap that folds over to prevent tools from rubbing is also a deep and wide pocket for the storage of veils, rags and alcohol wipes. The tool wrap is bound securely with a nylon strap and velcro.  

The tool wrap is a perfect addition to the beekeeping kit of anyone who is on the go and find themselves leaving tools throughout their garage or car.

Dimensions: Fully opened the wrap is 460mm x 460mm.

Note: Colour may vary due to screen difference. Exact sizes of wraps may vary slightly as each item is handcrafted in Australia. Tools and other bee keeping supplies not included.

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