Redshaw Native Bees

Unavailable - Stocked Hives


On occasion, we sell boxes stocked with either Tetragonual hockingsi or Austroplebeia cassiae. After purchasing a hive from us we offer a 12month warranty on hives and will provide ongoing support for the life of the hive.  

We no-longer take a wait-list. If you want to buy a hive please check back here another time or contact our friends:

- Gaven Barrett - 0439 739 124 - Foreshores. Gaven sells both Austroplebeia sp. and Tetragonual hockingsi in boxes. 

- Gary (0402 869 220) and Kathi (0487 263421) - Calliope. Gary and Kathi sell log hives. Species is subject to availability. 

- Widebay Stingless Bees - Find Sharon and Tony on Facebook. 

- Sugarbag Bees - - Brisbane. Tim and the team are based in Brisbane and can post boxed hives to your door.

Please do not contact us requesting a stocked hive. We will provide further details here if we expect to have hives available in the near future. 

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